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Our Process

We use a multi-step process to design your “Optimal Financial Plan” based upon your goals, objectives and cash flow.

1. Introduction – we start with an explanation of the specific work we do and how we do it, we discuss your expectations and answer any questions you may have.

2. Client Data - after our introductory meeting we gather documentation that led you to the financial decisions you have made up to this point.

3. Discovery – in this step we learn about your goals and objectives.  We talk about obstacles that may hinder your ability to achieve financial success.

4. Analyze – here we analyze your existing financial plan and discuss the strengths, potential dangers and opportunities of the plan.

5. What’s Important to You – in this stage we ask thought provoking questions to deepen our understanding on what’s really important to you.  Together, we are able to work toward the design of your Optimal Plan.

6. Design/Implement – we present your Optimal Financial Plan in comparison to your existing plan and detail the process to put your plan in motion.  Our team works with you to ensure an efficient transition.

7. Review/Monitor – in this final step of our process, we discuss any questions you may have to confirm your understanding of the plan.  We talk about how often you’d like to meet to ensure your plan remains optimum in the ever changing world we live in.